Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation

Indigenous Corporation and charity responding to the decrease in brain health in our communities. We deliver and co-design personalised, and community-based programs supported by neuroscientific research to address the impact of adverse life events in children, young people, and families.

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Who are we?

"The Deadly Brains Playgroup offers a unique type of support that is culturally grounded, holistic, and responsive to the needs of our children and families. By supporting Indigenous children to grow up healthy, happy, and ready for school, we can build a future full of prosperity and opportunity for the next generation. We thank the Paul Ramsay Foundation for their support of this important project."

Sheryl Batchelor, Founder and Director, Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation


What are we doing?

Yiliyapinya: Deadly Brains Playgroup

The Deadly Brains Playgroup is a co-designed community program for Indigenous children aged 0-2 years and their parents, kin and/or carers. The Playgroup supports the development of children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development; and enhances parental behaviours to support the strengthening of their children’s development. <br>Through targeted neuroplasticity evidence-based activities, the Deadly Brains Playgroup will promote children’s language and cognitive skills, emotional maturity, physical health and wellbeing, communication and social competence. Aligned with the Australian Early Development Census domains, the Deadly Brains Playgroup will have a dual focus on empowering adults with the education and tools to better support their child’s development.
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Where are we working?

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What are our impact areas?

Thriving children

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What are our other impact areas?

First Nations populations

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