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About us

PRF is a philanthropic foundation.

We work for a future where people and places have what they need to thrive.

With organisations and communities, we invest in, build, and influence the conditions needed to stop disadvantage in Australia.

How we work

We work alongside people and organisations, across sectors and communities to change policies and programs, where resources go, and hearts and minds. We seek to support innovation, are evidence-informed and measure what matters. To help achieve positive intergenerational change, PRF uses its resources to invest, build and influence.


We grant and invest in communities and organisations across Australia.


We are committed to building insights, data, knowledge, and capability in the areas where we're working.


We aim to positively influence policy and outcomes through collaboration and advocacy.

Our partners

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Partnerships to drive positive change

Changing the conditions that create disadvantage is complex work and isn’t the role of any one organisation. As just one in player in the ecosystem working to create positive, intergenerational change, PRF works side by side with philanthropic peers, organisations and communities to make a difference.

Our research & resources

We take an evidence-informed approach to philanthropy and seek to understand what works and what doesn’t, under what circumstances and for who. We share knowledge and insights with those who can translate it into meaningful action.