Mater is the largest private provider in Queensland, delivering comprehensive public and private healthcare services across 10 hospitals, including the iconic Mater Mothers Hospitals, Australia’s largest maternity service. Mater delivers quality training for clinicians and healthcare professionals which is founded in the synthesis of leading research, evidence-based contemporary education and clinical practice. Mater is a leading provider of interprofessional healthcare education and training, with world-class clinical simulation programs, facilities and faculty. As a nationally-accredited training provider, Mater delivers contemporary, interprofessional workforce training and translational simulation services. This project also partners with a perinatal peer worker agency and a rural health service.

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Who are we?

"The Perinatal Peer Worker Project is specially designed for young parents in rural and remote Queensland to receive support from other parents who have been ‘in the same boat’ as them. This grant will go directly to having perinatal peer workers facilitate parenting programs, and creating robust training where people can become perinatal peer workers."

Dr Grace Branjerdporn, Clinician Lead, Mater Hospital


What are we doing?

Mater: Perinatal Peer Worker Project

The project aims to train and implement perinatal peer workers in remote Queensland. Using co-design, the first phase aims to develop a high quality certification program to upskill young parents with a lived experience of perinatal mental health to be perinatal peer workers in rural settings. The second phase includes implementing perinatal peer workers in remote Australia who will provide day programs focused on perinatal mental health, child development, and healthy coping strategies.
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