Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (pronounced gar-gut gun-jee or KKT) brings Indigenous landowners and like-minded supporters together to strengthen the Indigenous conservation movement; caring for Country, culture and community. We work with Indigenous rangers and their communities in Arnhem Land, one of the most culturally rich and biodiverse regions of Australia. The projects we partner on are 100% community-owned, from concept to implementation, and fall into six key focus areas, including educating future custodians. Traditional Owners of the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in West Arnhem Land have been on a long journey to secure quality education to allow families to live, work and thrive on Country.

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Who are we?

"The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust and Nawarddeken Academy project Expanding bicultural early education in remote Arnhem Land, aims to improve the education journey of Indigenous children, growing up on country rich in culture in West Arnhem Land. By expanding an early learning program to two communities by providing multipurpose infrastructure and training for parent educators, we hope to see families and children thrive. We’re thrilled the Paul Ramsay Foundation is investing in remote communities."

Stacey Irving, CEO, KKT


What are we doing?

KKT: The Nawarddeken Academy

The Nawarddeken Academy is a bicultural, independent primary school founded by the Warddeken Rangers and KKT in 2015 to realise the dream of education in the IPA. The primary school expanded from one to three communities in 2021, and now, with the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, we will expand early learning services, to support families with wurdyaw (young children) across the IPA. <br><br>Multipurpose infrastructure built through this grant will support early learners and adults; and parent educators will be trained to deliver bicultural early learning programs suited to the remote context.<br>
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Where are we working?

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What are our impact areas?

Thriving children

Other areas of focus

What are our other impact areas?

First Nations populations

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