Established in 1979, Junction is a leading local social enterprise positively impacting the lives of around 10,000 South Australians each year through a range of housing and community services including child protection (residential and foster care) as well as domestic violence and homelessness support. The organisation also delivers new affordable housing options for South Australians through investment and partnership developments. With a strong focus on community development, Junction works to empower people and create safe, connected and resilient neighbourhoods contributing to strong communities.

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Who are we?

"By connecting young parents who have, themselves, been in the care system as children and young people, with those who have had their own similar experiences, we will increase parenting capacity, create opportunities for healing and build strong and supportive communities to help every family to reach their potential."

Dr Alisa Willis, Head of Service Impact, Junction


What are we doing?

Junction: Growing Together

Growing Together is an evidence-based program focussed on improving outcomes for some of our most vulnerable families and disrupting intergenerational contact with child protection systems by drawing on an innovative peer leadership approach.<br>Research tells us that young people who have been in the care and protection system often become parents themselves at a very young age. For many reasons, including challenges in resolving past traumas, the children of these young people also enter the child protection system creating an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage. We want to disrupt this trajectory and give young parents the best chance of becoming capable and confident parents whose children thrive. We think the best way to do this is to draw on lived experience and peer leadership models, creating opportunities for growth and healing.
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Where are we working?

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What are our impact areas?

Thriving children

Other areas of focus

What are our other impact areas?

Domestic & family violence

Housing & homelessness

Social enterprise

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