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Children’s Ground strives to end complex and extreme disadvantage by transforming how systems work with First Nations communities. Children's Ground is implementing and evidencing a new approach designed by First Nations people. It's a 25-year strategy responding to key social, cultural and economic determinants of health and wellbeing to ensure every child is born into a life of opportunity. The service system ensures First Nations people have access to cultural knowledge and practices and equitable access to western systems working with children pre-birth, their family and whole community. We deliberately work with communities that have experienced generational disempowerment, trauma and inequity.

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Who are we?

"We are worried about the health of our mothers and children. We have seen our way of looking after our women and babies pushed aside. We need to bring our ways back. Our babies are being born without the cultural practices that are important for them when they are born and while they are growing up. Our culture and identity is important for the rest of their lives. When our mothers and babies are supported by the right people – their grandmothers, aunties and traditional healers – all of our babies will come into the world the right way with their spirits strong."

Female members of the First Nations Governance Committee, Children’s Ground, Central Australia


What are we doing?

Children's Ground: Looking after yourself, preparing for baby

Arntarnte arelhetyeke ampe-arle atnyenetyenheke (Looking after yourself, preparing for baby) is an integrated and holistic First Nations Cultural and Western child, maternal and family health project.Over a 3-year period, this project will deliver a unique culturally responsive Maternal & Child Health (MCH) program that uplifts Firsts Nations MCH knowledge and practice with Western leading practice. Placed based (delivered in and with community), targeted and universal MCH will support antenatal and postnatal health and wellbeing, including; maternal health behaviours, antenatal checks, social/emotional wellbeing and safety during pregnancy; infant and maternal health, nutrition, access to healthy kids checks, social/emotional wellbeing and child developmental milestones (Cultural & Western). As a whole of community approach, this project will contribute to our goal of universal access with our benchmark to support over 75% of children in communities aged 0-2 years and their families.
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Children's Ground: Old and New

Old and New: Bringing together the best of cultural and western maternal and child health knowledge, will see a project manager work with existing Children's Ground First Nations staff and families over two years to develop ten culturally safe and relevant health, wellbeing and child development resources aimed at mothers, fathers, children and whole families - prenatally, postnatally, and from infancy to two years old.
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Where are we working?

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