About the Fellowship

November 2020 - June 2022

How do we enhance engagement and work across systems to improve wellbeing of children and families?

There is growing linkage between understanding of systems change theory and practice. However, this knowledge has not been well translated or widely embedded in practice of many leaders and change agents in this area, nor in mainstream professional and organisational learning and development. 

Human capability development, including ‘brain building’, needs to be at the core of system design, investment and practice in this context. It is an essential component to address inter-generational transmission of trauma and adversity, to build resilience and to disrupt enduring cycles of disadvantage.

The Fellowship’s purpose was to contribute to the well-being of Queensland and Australian children by facilitating systems, organisational, professional and community level changes that in time will deliver greater value and impact from early childhood education and care, education, health, mental health, disability, social services, income support, family support, family violence, child protection and youth justice systems.  

The Fellowship's ambitions were to:

  • Act as a catalyst for, and a vehicle to study and disseminate knowledge about, systems change for child wellbeing;
  • Leverage the insight and influence of systems leaders, researchers, innovators and influencers, the work of institutional and professional collaborators at QUT and beyond, and the learnings and guidance available from systems change-making in other jurisdictions and sectors; and
  • Contribute to and draw from two recently initiated projects: the ANZSOG & Every Child Systems Leadership project, and the ARACY-convened Thriving Qld Kids Partnership (TQKP).

About Michael

Michael Hogan has over 35 years' experience in public purpose work in the government and non-government sectors, including the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, in citizen and consumer advocacy and community engagement, and a wide range of areas in public policy and human services.

Michael has been the Director-General of the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, and of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. He has also been Deputy or Assistant Director-General in the Qld Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Qld Department of Communities. Michael has served on numerous boards and governance committees, including the Qld Disaster Management Committee, and was co-chair of the United Nations / Queensland Government 2005 International Conference on Engaging Communities.

Michael is currently a Director of the Torres Health Corporation, and a member of the Leading for Every Child Steering Committee, the Centre for Policy Development’s Early Childhood Development Council, the Australian Early Years Catalyst group, and Yourtown’s Services Impact Committee. Michael is an Executive Fellow and member of the faculty of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government.

Since finishing his Paul Ramsay Foundation Fellowship at the Queensland University of Technology in June 2022, Michael has continued as the Convenor of the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership, with the support of PRF and other philanthropies. Michael also continues as an Adjunct Professor at QUT.