About the Fellowship

How might AI-enabled education technology be leveraged to reduce the learning chasm which far too often leaves certain students behind?  

In Australia, private and government investment in AI technology across sectors is in the trillions, however there is limited attention and policy on ‘tech for good’ in education or learning environments. Right now, schools are flying blind while the education technology market booms.  

Adaptive, advanced technological applications could help transform school education, especially for students who fall through the cracks, those who need bespoke learning support, better diagnosis (more data, more analysis, more precision), and through products that offer greater personalised learning and support and more engaging ways to learn.

This raises important questions of how we can better direct AI technologies towards some of the most difficult educational challenges we face.

Read Leslie's Full Report, her Summary Report or watch her introduce her research below.

About Leslie

Leslie Loble AM is a recognised leader of public purpose reform in Australia and the US, with a substantial track record delivering major organisational and policy innovations in education and related economic domains.

Leslie served as Deputy Secretary in the NSW Department of Education for 20 years, driving strategy, innovation and delivery in Australia’s largest and most diverse education sector, across schooling, early childhood and tertiary education. She was long-term chair of the influential Schooling Policy Group, a core part of the Australian Education Ministerial Council, and was appointed by governments to some 20 boards and advisory committees. Her national leadership helped shape major school funding reforms, teaching quality, literacy and numeracy assessment and VET innovations. In NSW, she led Australia's first-ever guarantee of two years' preschool and established the awards-winning Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, Centre for Learning Innovation and Catalyst Lab.

Leslie was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2022, named one of Australia’s top 50 school education innovators in 2019 and an Australian Financial Review/Westpac Top 100 Women of Influence in 2013. Prior to coming to Australia, Leslie was appointed by President Bill Clinton to high level roles, including Chief of Staff to Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich, Counsellor to the Secretary and acting Assistant Secretary for Policy.

She holds degrees from Harvard University and Cornell University.

Leslie is currently an Industry Professor at the University of Technology Sydney's Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion.