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Wellsprings for Women is a women-only organisation established in 1994 for the purpose of creating a safe place for isolated and vulnerable women impacted by poverty, family violence, isolation and homelssness. We specialise in working with women from migrant and refugee backgrounds. 90 % of our staff are of migrant and refugee backgrounds. We have a specialist family violence team of case workers dedicated to case managing women experiencing family violence. We also have a team of staff who work on the prevention of family and domestic violence. We work along spectrum of Prevention, early intervention, response and recovery. Our clients are women with complex issues who have been under-serviced through mainstream DV specialist services.

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Housing Support for Migrant and Refugee Women

Our program seeks to address stigma, challenging the multi-faceted feelings of isolation, guilt and shame faced by migrant/refugee women, to move out of and beyond violent relationships. The program will engage an additional Specialist Family Violence Worker to work specifically with women who who are staying in the relationship due to housing being a barrier to leaving. The role will include case managing the women as they are deemed to be at high risk and researching and exploring the various housing options that would suit and be safe and culturally appropriate to them.
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Justice & safety

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What are our other impact areas?

Domestic & family violence

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