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The University of Melbourne’s enduring purpose is to benefit society through the transformative impact of education and research. We prepare graduates to make their own impact, offering education that stimulates, challenges and fulfils our students, leading to meaningful careers and the skills to make profound contributions to society.

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Who are we?

"Over 8 in 10 Australians attend a general practice for their healthcare needs. We appreciate PRF’s contribution to technologies that can optimise this vital care."

Assoc Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis, Department of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School


What are we doing?

University of Melbourne - EDGE

The Education and Development Gains in Early Childhood (EDGE) project investigates the relationship between an additional year of early childhood education and care (ECEC) and outcomes for children. The study also tests the impact of varied ECEC quality on children’s outcomes. The project also seeks to amplify findings to build on the political momentum to provide nation-wide universal access to 3-year-old ECEC.
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University of Melbourne - APPRISE

APPRISE is undertaking research to address major public health, laboratory and clinical questions for responding to COVID-19, and is well integrated with public health units and departments of health at state and Commonwealth level to learn from and contribute to the national response. A key focus of the targeted response is to establish a First Nations led governance arrangement for the grant and to increase the leadership of Indigenous researchers in the COVID-19 response.
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University of Melbourne - A Fair Day’s Work

Funding A Fair Day’s Work: Detecting Wage Theft with Data, supporting the design, development and implementation of three tools. The Fair Day’s Work Portal (including a job toolkit, claim and reporting area, and public dashboard), a Wage Theft Database and a Wage Theft Prediction Tool.
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University of Melbourne - Future Health Today

Future Health Today aims to facilitate early detection and optimised management of chronic disease in general practice to improve health outcomes. This funding supports the University of Melbourne to develop and scale the Future Health Today software tool in 90 general practices and to test solutions that would enable the tool to become more automated, cost-efficient, and effective.
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University of Melbourne - Indigenous Eye Health

The Indigenous Eye Health Unit works to improve eye health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It does this through implementation of the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision. IEHU works with communities to establish regional collaborative networks, set up regional data collection and monitoring systems, develop service directories, identify systems coordination and ensure regional accountability and oversight.
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University of Melbourne - Short-term antibody passive immunization treatment for COVID-19

This is a research based project that aims to:1. Develop a better understanding of COVID-19, its pathogenesis and the body’s immune response to infection.2. Develop a better range of prevention tools to protect communities from COVID-19.3. Contribute to the development of a clinical trial platform which supports the rapid development and testing of new vaccines and treatments for emerging and persistent infectious diseases.
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