The Matilda Centre (The University of Sydney)

The Matilda Centre is a world-first multidisciplinary centre tackling substance use and mental disorders. We bring together researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience and community to trial innovative early-intervention programs to prevent and treat co-occurring mental and substance use disorders.

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Who are we?

"The class enjoyed the new way of presenting the information."



What are we doing?

How can we empower students to gain knowledge about and improve their health so they can make positive, informed choices for life?

The Matilda Centre (The University of Sydney) - Health4Life, Climate Schools (soon to be OurFutures)

Developing interventions including Health4Life Initiative, the first trial of an eHealth program to target “Big 6” lifestyle risk behaviours to prevent chronic disease in later life, & OurFutures, engaging health education courses to empower secondary school students to improve their health and wellbeing
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Where are we working?

Explore where The Matilda Centre (The University of Sydney) are active across Australia.


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impact areas

What are our impact areas?

Thriving children

Other areas of focus

What are our other impact areas?

Disaster response and resilience

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