Stopping Family Violence

Stopping Family Violence (SFV) is the peak body for domestic and family violence perpetrator response in Western Australia. Through research, pilot programs, training, community engagement and advocacy, we continue to drive the change needed to end this epidemic. In Australia, and especially in WA, early intervention responses to teenagers who are using or at risk of using violence in the home (AVITH) or intimate partner violence (IPV) are rare. SFV is pioneering the design and delivery of behaviour change and gender equality programs to young people using or at risk of using AVITH or IPV in schools in metro and regional areas of WA.

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Early Intervention with Adolescents Program

Early responses to adolescents who are using AVITH and/or IPV have the potential to interrupt and prevent FDV perpetration into adulthood. We will extend our early intervention program delivering FDV education and early intervention to young people between the ages of 16-18 years (years 11 and 12) who may be perpetrating or are at risk of perpetrating FDV. This will also include sector development, where intersecting systems and services receive FDV-informed training to enable them to have the skills and knowledge to identify, respond and refer young people who may be perpetrating or are at risk of perpetrating FDV.
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Domestic & family violence

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