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Social Ventures Australia is a not-for-profit working with partners to alleviate disadvantage, aiming for an Australia where all people and communities thrive. It influences systems to deliver better social outcomes for people by learning what works in communities, increasing effectiveness, and sharing perspectives and advocating for change.

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What are we doing?

How can we best equip for-purpose organisations across Australia to achieve sustainable social change post COVID-19?

Social Ventures Australia Parkville Institute

We are supporting the establishment of the Parkville Institute to enable infants and young children living with significant family stress and social disadvantage, including exposure to trauma, abuse and neglect, to enter school as confident and successful learners who are developmentally and educationally equal to their peers. Parkville will do this by implementing the replication, potential scaling up and evaluation of an evidence-based, intensive early childhood education and care model. The first replication phase is for 4 centres over the next 4 years.
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Social Ventures Australia Capability Supports Program

The Capability Supports Program was established in partnership with SVA to build organisational resilience and amplify the impact of Partners through the provision of capability supports
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Social Ventures Australia Intermediary Funding Journeys Research

SVA is developing a research paper on the funding journeys of field-building intermediaries towards sustainable impact, using a case study approach. The objectives are to increase understanding of the different funding journeys and funding models of field-builders and inform the approach funders can take in funding field-builders.
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Social Ventures Australia First Nations Access to Holistic Early Learning

The First Nations community-controlled early learning sector faces many challenges that limit its ability to reach and respond to the needs of First Nations children. In addition, these services operate in a policy environment that does not recognise the purpose or scope of their role and is not available in all communities that need them. Working in partnership with SNAICC – National Voice for our Children to pilot a statewide intermediary or “emerging peak” in NSW as part of a national pilot across 3 states to strengthen knowledge sharing, collaboration, and collective voice, provide expert advice and support, and coordinate partnerships to see a strong and sustainable NSW First Nations early years sector.
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Social Ventures Australia Pay What It Takes

Our research showed that indirect costs are not being covered by funders in Australia, with a coalition of stakeholders now working to change that fact.
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Social Ventures Australia Restacking the Odds

Working in partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and Bain & Company, we aim to help local communities and service providers build an empirical (data-driven) understanding of how fundamental ECD services are performing in their ‘footprint’. And we aspire to help them act on performance gaps and priorities by applying evidence-based solutions.
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Social Ventures Australia Social Impact Bonds

Outcomes-based contracts create accountability and evidence, but also risk for service providers. Investors like PRF are critical enablers of this outcomes approach, taking on the performance risk. The Side by Side, Newpin SA and Foyer Central SIBs were successfully launched with PRF support.
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Social Ventures Australia Sustaining Our Partners Taskforce

The Taskforce was established in partnership with SVA to:• Provide support to Partners whose viability was impacted or accelerated by COVID-19• Support sector-wide interventions, collaborations and representations to government on policy to build greater resilience in the sector• Generate insights to support PRF’s strategic work with partners to support coordinated resilience building
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Social Ventures Australia Synergis Disability Housing Fund

By investing in the Synergis Fund to help drive optimum housing solutions between Specialist Disability Accommodation, Supported Independent Living providers and their tenants. Its collaborative approach ensures every person living with a disability can choose where and how to live, and access long-term, high-quality, appropriate homes.
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