Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) is a global organisation focussed on accelerating learning and exchange across borders and sectors. We work with governments, businesses, universities, philanthropic organisations and NGOs who share our belief in the need to tackle humanity's grand challenges more effectively, and more quickly.

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Who are we?

"I didn’t think [the 8 week virtual retreat] would be long enough to get deep, but every session I came away with lots of different ideas, it was really stimulating."

Teya Dussledorp, Dusseldorp Forum [on the SIX Virtual Retreat 2021]


What are we doing?

Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) - Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) Funders Node

Funding an annual SIX global retreat for funders and international organisations to find out how they can be more innovative in their approach and practice to drive more systemic social impact.
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Where are we working?

Explore where Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) are active across Australia.


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