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Refuge Victoria is a specialist family violence organisation supporting people to safety with refuges and case coordination support for client to build skills, confidence and reconnect safely into community. Thorne Harbour Health is a community-controlled LGBTIQ+ organisation, governed by our members, and working for our sex, sexuality and gender diverse communities. Both RV and THH run DFV services and are coming together through this program to enhance existing services through a specialist LGBTIQ+ referral pathway into refuge crisis and recovery services tailored to the unique needs of LGBTIQ+ people.

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Refuge to Recovery for LGBTIQA+ people

This program will evolve a missing referral pathway for LGBTIQ+ people impacted by DFV directly into LGBTIQ+ specialised refuge support who previously have been unable to access DFV refuges. The funding will be used to respond to the “no wrong door” policy change through which refuges can receive referrals directly. To date the primary referral pathway into refuge accommodation has been through a mainstream FV service. This has created major barriers for LGBTIQ+ people seeking refuge accommodation with lack of recognition of risks for LGBTIQ+ victim survivors; discrimination and stigma for trans and gender diverse people; misunderstandings about LGBTIQ+ DFV and exclusion by the DFV refuge model which has historically been for cis gender heterosexual women.
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Justice & safety

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Domestic & family violence

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