Marnin Bowa Dumbara Family Healing Centre

The Derby Family Healing Centre (Marnin Bowa Dumbara Aboriginal Corporation) is a Crisis Accommodation Service with a focus on supporting women and children who are experiencing or escaping family and domestic violence. Within our organisation we provide immediate care up to 24-48 hours whilst establishing care plans and risk assessments to determine the supports necessary to minimise the harm and reduction of risk to women and children undergoing and facing the prevalence of violence.

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Derby Family Healing Centre

This project will support staff to undertake further qualifications to be better equipped in managing clients who have had traumatic experiences; engage a skilled counselor or social worker to assist in risk assessments on-site and deliver immediate and intense support as necessary; and enhance current program delivery that can incorporate a wider scope of therapeutic benefits to meet better health and well-being.
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Justice & safety

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What are our other impact areas?

Domestic & family violence

First Nations populations

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