Living Learning

Living Learning provides student-centred education for young people aged 15-21 years, offering flexible, community-based learning with mental health support to make sure that everyone can finish school. Run through the Hester Hornbrook Academy, it gives equal focus to students’ mental health and wellbeing as academic learning.

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Who are we?

"Working at my own pace has really helped me realise that if I do try hard enough I will probably be able to be the same as everyone else."

DJ, HHA student


What are we doing?

How can we maximise relief assistance and support to frontline organisations working in response to COVID-19?

Living Learning - Living Learning Program

Providing funding for Living Learning, an innovative program where students develop literacy and numeracy skills through practical projects aligned with their interests and career aspiration. Supporting the program over three years, including three cohorts of 48 students.
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Where are we working?

Explore where Living Learning are active across Australia.


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impact areas

What are our impact areas?

Thriving children

Other areas of focus

What are our other impact areas?

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