Just Reinvest NSW

Just Reinvest NSW supports Aboriginal communities to explore and establish justice reinvestment initiatives, while advocating for systemic changes that reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the criminal justice system.

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Who are we?

"Too many young people are getting caught up in the criminal justice system. Being locked up just makes things worse."

Taleigha Glover, Just Reinvest NSW Youth Ambassador


What are we doing?

How can philanthropic dollars best support First Nations self-determination?

Just Reinvest NSW - Scaling Just Reinvest

The partnership aims to address these problems through the expansion of the justice reinvestment model to deliver measurable benefits to additional communities and their people.
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Where are we working?

Explore where Just Reinvest NSW are active across Australia.


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impact areas

What are our impact areas?

Justice & safety

Other areas of focus

What are our other impact areas?

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Yirranma Place

Visit our precinct for social purpose.

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