DVassist is an innovative non-profit organisation that provides specialist DFV support in regional, rural, and remote areas in WA. Since launching in 2019, DVassist provided support to women, men and young people who were experiencing DFV, through linking in with local support, education and providing counselling. Services included an interactive website that maps all DFV services in the regions; free counselling services via telephone and web chat; short-term case management; a community engagement program.

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DVassist: Reducing barriers to access

DVassist is a specialist DFV provider which is regional, rural and remote WA specific. Our services are online and specialise in meeting the complex needs of people living rurally and remotely. The online service delivery removes many of the barriers associated with engaging with a traditional FDV service, by providing a service which can be accessed privately, anonymously and at a convenient time outside business hours.
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Justice & safety

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What are our other impact areas?

Domestic & family violence

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