Djirra is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO). We have over 20 years’ experience finding solutions through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women sharing their stories, journeys, and experiences. Djirra celebrates women’s strength and resilience and is committed to a future without family violence. Self-determination is the foundation of everything we do. Djirra delivers holistic, culturally safe, specialist family violence support, legal, case management, and wellbeing services and programs across Victoria. We advocate for system-wide change to improve access to justice, eliminate systemic violence, and strengthen women’s resilience.

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Koori Women's Place Online Workshops

The workshops provide a culturally safe space for Aboriginal women to explore cultural identity, connect with other Aboriginal women and learn new skills. The workshops are grounded in culture and utilise cultural strengthening as a protective factor. There is extensive evidence which supports that culture is a central and key protective factor in effective family violence programming and that it can restore strength, dignity and self-determination for Aboriginal communities.
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Justice & safety

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What are our other impact areas?

Domestic & family violence

First Nations populations

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