Dardi Munwurro

Dardi Munwurro (Strong Spirit) is a specialist Aboriginal healing and family violence service delivering a range of family violence, healing and behaviour change programs designed to break the cycle of inter-generational trauma in Aboriginal families and communities.

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Men's Family Violence Program Model

Dardi’s family violence prevention and healing program model is based on understanding the cultural and social determinants of health for Aboriginal people, viewing health as linked to the social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual dimensions of wellbeing. Recognising the interconnections between, and effects of, violence, social and economic disadvantage, racism and dispossession from land and culture on Aboriginal peoples, families and communities, Dardi Munwurro provides Aboriginal Men’s Healing and Behaviour Change and Ngarra Jarranounith Place (residential FV healing program for men who have used violence, with support for their family members of men affected by family violence, including partners, ex-partners, aunties, mothers, elders, children, nieces and siblings) to understand trauma and address behaviours symptomatic of trauma (substance misuse, violence, anger, homelessness, welfare dependence).
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Justice & safety

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Domestic & family violence

First Nations populations

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