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An initiative of Colman Education Foundation, Our Place is a place-based approach to supporting the education and development of children and families in disadvantaged communities. Our Place facilitates partnerships that enable the local school to be the central place for learning and support services that overcome barriers to educational achievement.

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Who are we?

"Our Place believes education is the key to improving the life chances of people experiencing disadvantage; only a holistic approach can overcome the barriers."


What are we doing?

How can philanthropy, government and the social service sector collaborate to help children and families overcome the many barriers presented by socio-economic disadvantage?

Colman Education Foundation - Our Place Extension Funding, Scaling Our Place

Doveton College has shown the elements of the Our Place approach can be highly effective when implemented together. So through a partnership with the Victorian Government in nine other communities, the aim is to demonstrate the approach can be scaled successfully.
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Where are we working?

Explore where Our Place - Colman Education Foundation are active across Australia.


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What are our impact areas?

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