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Climateworks Centre bridges the gap between research and climate action. We are climate transition specialists, working in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific with decision-makers who have the power to reduce emissions at scale. Climateworks develops evidence-based solutions to accelerate emissions reduction in line with the global 1.5°C temperature goal and shared climate safety. Co-founded by philanthropy and Monash University, Climateworks is an independent not-for-profit working within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

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Who are we?

"We are excited that PRF is supporting our efforts to inform and accelerate the renovation of Australia's existing homes for a net zero and climate resilient future. Improving energy efficiency in homes and reducing carbon emissions will also improve the cost of living, health and comfort of millions of Australians. PRF's support means we have the resources to deliver a project that can deliver a better future for people and the planet."

Margot Delafoulhouze - Cities System Lead


What are we doing?

Residential buildings represent 12% of Australia’s emissions and make up 25% of electricity demand. The existing building stock is energy and carbon intensive and occupants suffer from high energy bills, poor health and comfort, and are vulnerable to energy price spikes. A recent study by Sustainability Victoria has also demonstrated that renovating homes had major impacts on the health and financial stability of vulnerable households. Accelerated and increased efforts in energy efficiency and electrification will reduce energy consumption and protect households from climate impacts and energy prices, particularly those in social housing and low–income households.

Climateworks Centre: Renovation Pathways Project

Renovations Pathways will establish an evidence-base for national and state renovation and electrification strategies with a view to enable future-proofing of Australian homes. The research will inform critical enabling conditions including policies, finance products, industry plans and consumer information. It aims to define standards for efficiently electrified, zero-carbon, healthy and resilient homes for Australia’s climates and determine cost-effective renovation strategies for main building archetypes. This will be complemented by policy and qualitative research with a view to inform policy, financial products, industry plans, and consumer association advocacy.‍
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Where are we working?

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