Boorndawam Willam Aboriginal Healing Service

Boorndawan Willam Aboriginal Healing Service (BWAHS) is a specialist Aboriginal Healing Service providing holistic family violence intensive case management, integrated family services, men's case management, counselling for women, men, youth and children as well as AOD counselling. BWAHS also run therapeutic programs and cultural programs for people experiencing violence as well as users of violence. BWAHS delivers family violence specific education programs, from unaccredited workshops to working in partnership with the University Sector as the lead organisation for Victoria's first specialist Vocational Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence practitioners.

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Aboriginal Workforce Development Program

BWAHS has developed a suite of 10 short course workshops that are designed to be delivered over one day each. The workshops are designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, generalist ACCO workers and specialists in family violence case work. The workshops assist with building awareness, knowledge and skills in family violence work and holistic, culturally centred best practice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Victoria. Program funding will enable BWAHS to maintain it's specialist teaching workforce and deliver these workshops.
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Justice & safety

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Domestic & family violence

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