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The AMWCHR brings over 30 years’ experience supporting Muslim communities through our casework, programs & research. We advance the rights of Muslim women within the family violence (FV) sector through delivering culturally-appropriate support and advocating for systemic change to remove access barriers which inhibit victim-survivors' safety. Our prevention work recognises the complex drivers and experiences of FV within our communities including those related to gender inequality, migration, displacement, discrimination and intergenerational trauma. As one of the leading voices for Muslim women’s rights in Australia, we promote Muslim women’s self-determination, recognising their inherent agency and bringing issues of inequality to light.

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Supporting Muslim women's safety

This program will deliver two initiatives to provide a holistic response to supporting migrant and refugee Muslim women impacted by family violence. First, it will help strengthen response capacity supporting the AMWCHR specialist family violence casework team by adding a casework support role to expand the capacity of the team to respond to complex client needs and reduce wait lists for victim/survivors accessing support. Second, it will enable delivery of community-based capacity building workshops as part of a family violence prevention program to build awareness and capacity against family violence in vulnerable migrant Muslim communities.
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Justice & safety

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Domestic & family violence

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