Asylum Seekers Centre

The Asylum Seekers Centre is a place of welcome and support. We provide practical help for people seeking asylum in New South Wales and advocate for fair and humane policies for refugees and people seeking asylum.

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Who are we?

"A job for a person seeking asylum is never just a job. It’s a gateway to stability, pride and community."

Frances Rush, Asylum Seekers Centre CEO


What are we doing?

We want to overcome barriers to employment for people seeking asylum in our community and open up pathways to independence. Without work, people seeking asylum very quickly end up in crisis because there is no mainstream safety net of welfare from our Federal Government.

The Uplift Project

Uplift is a multi-year exploration into four identified barriers to people seeking asylum finding work: a lack of access to childcare; inadequate suitable English language support; minimal university and vocational training; and a lack of employer recognition of people seeking asylum’s skills and potential.
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Where are we working?

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Yirranma Place

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