The Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF) donated $7 million plus an additional $13,605 in in-kind donations, to Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (AICR) for the Yes23 campaign for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. In addition to the donations, PRF also incurred $17,770 in referendum expenditure.

From 2021-2023, PRF committed $105.1 million to First Nations-led organisations in supporting their self-determination and delivering outcomes for their communities.

In 2023, $52.2 million was committed to these organisations, which represents almost 30% of our total giving in the 2023 calendar year. The AICR funding represents around 4% of PRF’s approved total giving for the year.

PRF wholeheartedly stands by its original decision to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice for the reasons outlined in our February 2023 statement, and in our October 2023 statement on the Referendum result. PRF looks forward to continuing its financial support to First Nations-led organisations in 2024 and beyond.

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