We are partners in the work
  • We are equally bound by our shared purpose
  • We work together to set clear and shared expectations for:
  • How we will work together
  • Partnership goals and objectives
  • What success looks like
  • What happens at the conclusion of the grant program
We believe in open and regular communication
  • We communicate with honesty, integrity, and authenticity and ask our partners to do the same  
  • We understand the importance of timely and regular communications
  • We strive to be available and reachable
  • We lean in to difficult conversations
  • We see challenges and “failures” as learnings and opportunities for growth; we want partners to trust that they can share these with us so we can all learn and make adjustments as needed
We seek to add value beyond funding
  • We recognise our partners’ expertise, and see ourselves as bringing specific value  
  • We work with partners to identify opportunities through elements of our ‘funder +’ strategy
  • We will share relevant and important learnings from our work regularly and freely
We are all accountable as we strive towards our shared vision and purpose
  • We will focus on working optimally towards our shared impact goals throughout the partnership
  • We understand the power dynamic in the funder-fundee relationship.  We navigate this by putting the shared vision and purpose above all  
We have a ‘sense of care’ for our partners
  • We have genuine trust in, care for, and commitment to our partners  
  • We celebrate successes and learnings together