The Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF) today unveiled its new strategy, working for a future where people and places have what they need to thrive. The strategy, which focuses on changing the conditions to stop disadvantage in Australia, will guide PRF’s approach to grant-making and partnerships across the social change ecosystem.

This is the first strategy under PRF CEO Professor Kristy Muir, who says we need to work differently.

“We are shifting our focus now to work for an Australia where people and places have what they need to thrive. With organisations and communities, we invest in, build, and influence the conditions needed to stop disadvantage in Australia. PRF will do this by taking a systems approach and focussing on people within the context of their families, the places they live, and the conditions that need shifting.

“It is about addressing intersecting root causes and factors, including policies and programs, understanding and redirecting where resources go, and shifting hearts and minds to create change.”

Board Chair, Michael Traill AM said that the key change to PRF’s way of working will be taking a systems approach, using its resources for better outcomes.

“Over the past five years at PRF, the Board has seen that the best outcomes emerge when we listen to the people in communities that we are working alongside. Hearing those voices, finding out what’s going on beneath the surface, considering the root causes contributing to their challenges and what will enable them to thrive is key to making a difference.”

“This new strategy is ambitious. PRF has matured as an organisation and we’re ready to support Kristy and the team to take on this next phase of work.”

PRF will now shift its approach to develop packages of grants, combining multiple levers for change, to contribute to long-term outcomes including:

  • Children and young people have positive life paths free from entrenched poverty and harm.
  • Places and communities are connected and imagining and leading their own futures.
  • Conditions support thriving.
  • First Nations people and communities are self-determining.

Professor Muir acknowledges that working alongside people and communities, and working with organisations to create change will remain at the heart of PRF’s approach.

“We know that changing conditions, creating systemic change, is not something that can be done by any one organisation.

“As merely one player in the ecosystem working to create positive, intergenerational change, it is essential for us to partner with others and work alongside people and communities already doing incredible work.”

Watch Kristy explain PRF's new strategy