We're pleased to share our 2023 Annual Review, documenting our progress towards our purpose, as told through the impact stories of our grant partners.

"It’s been a year of connection, collaboration, and community," says PRF CEO Professor Kristy Muir.

"What we have seen in 2023 is progress towards change at both an organisational level and importantly, in the ongoing call for First Nations self-determination."

In FY23 PRF committed $180 million in funding via 246 grants, and $44.1 million in impact investments.

PRF Chair Michael Traill says, "It is a continuing privilege for us to work with an aligned team that cares so deeply about making an impact in their work, and recognising and learning where the challenges are."

"Thank you to our partners," continues Kristy, "for the transformative work you do to enable people and places to thrive.

"As we look towards 2024, we will continue to make progress, evolve our philanthropy and our strategy to ensure our focus remains on being responsible and positively impactful ancestors of the future."